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   Hi! My name is Zoey Baker, and I am The Real Gluten Free Goddess. First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit my website. if you haven't visited my blog yet, i suggest you do. It has some pretty awesome information for anyone living gluten free.

    I am a celiac food blogger who reviews gluten free products, resturaunts, recipes, and lifestyle tips. If it's gluten free, I am most likely talking, posting, or blogging about it. I'm all about the gluten free lifstyle. Sharing about gluten free and helping those who are misinformed about gluten free is why I blog. A very close friend of mine has severe celiacs disease and did not get a proper diagnosis for 32 years. He suffered so much for so many years. Through the trials of hives, brain fog, and malnourishment, and elminating everything from peanuts to canola oil, little progress was made. Untill finally, he found a blog that changed his life. 

   I hope to be that life changing blog and influence for others, for when people are in optimal health they can make better decisions, and lead happier lives. For many, going gluten free is the path to health even though they don't know it yet. People are also scared, in denial, and dissmissive of a life without the traditional cakes, pizzas, and parties of "normal" life. I am not going to lie, at first learning you have a problem with gluten is tough, but removing the thing that is hurting you is SO worth it! And it gets way easier as time goes on. Today more than ever, a gluten free life can be achieved with ease, comfort, and social grace.

  If you are newly diagnosed, gluten intolerant, a long time celiac, or choosing to remove gluten for other reasons, The Real Gluten Free Goddess has got something for you! Those pastries you miss? I've got a recipe for that. Or prefer not to cook? I feature bakeries and products on my blog and social media that do the work for you so the only thing you have to do is enjoy! Aside from food, you can learn about gluten free cosmetics, life hacks, and sympathize about the struggles of gluten free life with me. 

​   Again, thank you so much for reading and remeber, Learn. Live. Love. Gluten free!



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